We're a tour operator that specializes in photo tours and photo workshops. We create and operate our own unique photo trips & we also build and operate custom photo trips for others in the industry.


Whether you're exploring lakes in the Canadian Rockies or chasing wildlife on an African Safari, when you travel with Photo Nomads you'll always have:

  • Photo Instructors - on all of our trips you'll have industry professionals with you available to teach photography skills at every stop along the way.

  • Professional Guides - Photography is the focus of our trips, but a trip encompasses many other aspects besides taking photos. On each trip you'll have a staff member who is knowledgeable in the areas you're traveling to and trained in operating trips who will make sure you're well taken care of throughout your journey.

  • Well thought-out travel experiences - Photography is always the priority, but experiencing culture, history, food and fun activities is also a key part of traveling. When these experiences are available, we weave them into our trips during times where taking photos is less than idea. This allows us to provide a well rounded travel photography experience for our guests.

  • Commitment to Excellence - We're committed to continually offering top level trips and experiences for our clients. Whether you're coming along for one of our own trips or hiring us to operate a trip for you - we're committed to making sure your trip is everything you hoped for.

  • Fun, Friendly, Inclusive Atmosphere - No matter where you travel with us, expect to be greeted by friendly, fun, helpful staff. There's nothing worse than booking a trip and showing up only to find out your instructor feels like you are the lucky one to be traveling with them. We feel lucky that you've chosen us to travel with. You are the priority and we'll work tirelessly to make sure you have an enjoyable, safe and productive travel experience with us.


"I'd like to thank David for organising such a seamless trip. He, along with our driver Dwayne, got us to all the locations on time and adjusted the itinerary to take advantage of changing conditions - and with early snows, we had lots of changing conditions! However, it was the friendliness and ease with which Dave made everything happen. Okay, so I was one of the instructors, but I was just along for the ride. I've travelled with many photography groups and leaders over the years and David is up there with the very best! I'd have no hesitation going on another trip with photonomads - hell, I reckon we need to organise something for next year!!"

- Peter Eastway | Australia

"Over the years I have taken multiple photo trips. This trip to Banff & Jasper was one of the best that I have been on... All the accommodations were excellent & the same applied to all the meals provided. I would go on another trip without any hesitation. Thanks for a great time."

-John Dufton | Canada

"I would recommend Photo Nomads to anyone. Great knowledge of both logistical stuff but also good photography knowledge... just amazing support. Dave was awesome & easy to get on with. Hope to catch up with him in the future."

-Trevor Nullmeyers | Australia


Learn new techniques

With expert instructors available to teach you at every photo opportunity along the way, you'll quickly learn new techniques in the field and when you process your photos.

Traveling with a group of like-minded photographers increases your ability to absorb new information and add to your skill set as a photographer.

Grow your portfolio

Being in the right place at the right time with great light is crucial for any photographer. With our expert planning and guidance from professional instructors, you'll have the perfect setup to create images that will make your portfolio pop. Not only will you increase your chances of capturing great images, but you'll learn new techniques to help you process those images and make them look amazing.

Explore New Places

Travel enriches the mind in ways that few other experiences can. When you travel, you'll be inspired to capture the beautiful scenes that you're experiencing in person.

You take photos because you find beauty in scenes you look at. When you take a photo trip, you get to explore new places or see places you've been in a new way.

Network & make new connections

You've heard the saying, "it's not what you know but who you know". Taking a photo trip provides a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with industry professionals and spend quality time with other like-minded photographers. Often, some of the most valuable experiences of your trip are networking with others in the industry.

"Dave made every aspect of the adventure memorable. He was accommodating to everyone and knew every area throughly that we visited. Dave made the trip effortless. I couldn't recommend Photo Nomads any higher!"

-Henry Hopkins | USA

"During my trip to the Canadian Rockies with Photo Nomads, I was shown a photographer’s paradise with stunning peaks, emerald lakes and majestic wildlife. I have found all of this thanks to David Gaiz (my guide and photography instructor). David knows where and when to go in order to take the best pictures. The Photo Nomads “Oh Canada!” trip was wonderful. Thanks David!"

-Antonio Magalhaes | Portugal

"The trip to Havasupai and the Grand Canyon was excellent - amazing photo opportunities. David was very free with advice on how to make the most of the photographic opportunities that were available during the trip. David took great care of the group and the food was wonderful too. The other photographers on the trip were extremely nice and the chance to exchange photo information was a hit - overall a great experience."

-Steve Walter | USA

Photos from our recent trips


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