Do you need Insurance?

We highly recommend that each one of our guests has both equipment insurance and travel insurance. On some of our trips, proof of insurance is required to travel.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that each of our guests purchases travel insurance before coming on any of our trips, or going on any trip in general. Travel insurance helps protect you if you need medical attention, luggage gets lost, flights get delayed or trips get canceled. On some of our trips proof of travel insurance is required.

Equipment Insurance

We strongly urge all of our guests to make sure their equipment is insured prior to travel. Please be aware that the majority of travel insurance policies have very low coverage levels for camera equipment and if you're relying solely on travel insurance to cover your gear in the event something gets broken, lost or stolen you'll have far less coverage than you'll need. Equipment insurance is not required to travel with us, but please note that according to our booking terms and conditions your equipment is your responsibility and we will not be held responsible for any equipment losses while traveling on one of our trips.