Meet Our Team

Dave Gaiz – Founder/Owner

Dave is the founder of Photo Nomads and has been working in the Travel industry for over a decade. Dave gained much of his industry experience while working for Contiki Holidays The Travel Corporation.  During his time with Contiki, Dave led thousands of happy guests on trips. After learning one side of the business, Dave transitioned into an operational role and learned how things worked behind the scenes. In doing this he gained a wealth of knowledge about the industry. Dave also trained and certified incoming tour managers by serving as an instructor in a tour managing training school. In-between taking thousands of people on tours, he spent his free time traveling and exploring new places visiting over 40 countries to date.  It was during all his travels that he fell in love with photography and capturing the amazing places he was visiting. Dave has also spent time the last few years running photography workshops and classes in California.  Dave loves tacos, flip flops, and sports in addition to photography.  If you see someone walking around in the snow with flip flops, go say hi, it’s probably Dave! You can take a look at his personal photo website hereInstagram feedFacebook photography page.

El-Deane Naude – Guest Instructor

El-Deane is a native South African with a passion for wildlife and photography. Born and raised in Johannesburg, he became a US citizen and has lived in California for the past 15 years, but often returns to South Africa to visit family and friends and photograph wildlife and landscapes. El-Deane is a self-taught photographer who has worked at Sony’s US headquarters for over 12 years, primarily as a digital imaging expert in Sony’s imaging product team for almost a decade. At the forefront of camera and digital imaging technology, El-Deane regularly leads photo excursions with the industry’s leading journalists and influencers as he teaches them about new technology, cameras and techniques. He is also extremely well-travelled in Southern Africa having spent time in 9 African countries and is well versed in African culture and wildlife.

Phase One Guest Instructors

Photo Nomads is working in conjunction with Phase One and their PODAS series to run some amazing photography trips! In 2017, we’ll be running trips in the Canadian Rockies and American Southwest.

PODAS has some absolutely legendary instructors that they bring along on their trips. For 2017 the instructor list includes:

Peter Eastway

Tony Hewitt

Tim Wolcott

Steven Friedman