Travel Styles

Find the travel style that works for you.

We know a single way of traveling won’t cut it for everyone. Some prefer an all inclusive trip where everything is taken care of for you. Others may only be looking for photo instruction and want the flexibility to choose their own accommodation, transportation and meals. Maybe you just want someone to show you how to use some of those fancy buttons and dials on your new camera as you explore the photography world. We know everyone has different needs, so we’ve developed 3 travel styles to help you travel and create stunning photos the way YOU want to.

Compare Our Travel Styles


Our Inclusive trips are loaded with rich travel and photography experiences. These trips are all based on photography – you’ll receive intensive photography instruction daily at each stop along the way. You’ll also learn how to make those new photos shine with post-processing instruction throughout the trip. Where our Inclusive trips set themselves apart is with how much else they offer. Travel provides some of the most profound and impactful experiences in life, and these trips make sure you don’t miss out on the unique experiences in the locations you’re exploring.

We take care of your accommodation, meals and transportation with a dedicated driver. You’ll have included activities like jeep rides, glacier walks, and steak-fry cookouts. You’ll also have the chance to partake in optional experiences like helicopter flights, hot air balloon rides and white water rafting trips. Our expert Trip Leaders will show you the ropes of the new places you’re visiting and your experiences will leave you with stories to tell for years to come. These trips are similar to what most people think of as a “photo tour”, but there’s no compromise here when it comes to instruction vs experience.

Your Way

Your Way trips are very similar to a traditional photography workshop. These trips are based solely around photography instruction. You’ll improve your skills in the field with hands on instructional sessions with our pro photographers. You’ll also get to learn how to make those new photos shine with post-processing lessons. We don’t provide any of the extras like meals, accommodation or transportation, which gives you the flexibility to travel the way you prefer while you enjoy our top-notch photo teachings. These trips are typically shorter than our Inclusive trips and come in at a lower price point so you can improve your photography for less, while also having the benefit of learning with a group of like-minded photographers! Even though these trips do not have included activities or meals, our knowledgable Trip Leaders can help point you in the right direction to maximize your free time and our groups often eat together after a successful day of shooting.


We offer local photography classes that are perfect for photogs of all skill levels. These classes are typically 2-3 hours long and available weekdays and weekends. Classes are a great way for those who are new to photography to dip their toe into the pool and start learning how to use their cameras and gain a basic understanding of exposure and composition. For those more experienced photographers, we also have classes available for more advanced topics that delve into some of the finer details of filter use, long exposures, composition and more! All of these classes provide an excellent opportunity to meet other photographers in your area that you share common interests with. As of now, our classes are available in Southern California.